about Jeroen Buissink

Short story….

Jeroen BuissinkJeroen started his career as an artist not that long ago. He graduated  at the HogeSchool  Zuyd (Maastricht) as a teacher in Fine Arts in 2008. Meanwhile he started to develop his own style and techniques , and had several exhibitions in the Netherlands.

Jeroen gets inspired by cultural anthropology, philosophy, biology, astronomy, myths and old stories, the science of matter, fringe science, actually science in general.  In short, NATURE in itself. His work is about finding the numinosum, it is the never ending tale of finding that place, spot, dot or feeling. According to him, we are inseparable with nature. We are nature and it’s all around us.

In his work you will find organic forms combined with geometrical  shapes (as Above so Below) , and mostly animals. Animals can work as a powerful symbol. Throughout human history, men has used depictions of animals to give meaning to the inner world of mankind. Next to the use of the color blue, this also gives his work spiritual content.

For a long time now, the color blue has played a big part in his work, the color blue reflects the unbounded ocean of consciousness that became light, water and matter. Deep within the color blue he finds the numinosum. It’s a transcendental experience where you can swim in an ocean of pure thought.  It is the dot where you can find peace and tranquility, In the Depth of Blue….